Saturday, February 20, 2010

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

I really, really want to see someone in one of those flying squirrel suits go off the long jump ski ramp. You could go for like a mile if you were wearing one of these suits. I'm assuming there's some rule against that though... Every once and a while I see the phrase "the crack of doom". It's normally in some sort of Lord of the Rings type prose. However, every time I read that I can't help but think that would be an awesome name for a Madonna biography... Cool - from Twitter to TV. William Shatner to star in #$%@ My Dad Says... Interesting - per Rob Neyer - Mark Prior hasn't thrown a single professional pitch since his 26th birthday... Birth Control in the Victorian Age... It's really not coincidental that the phrases "trust me" and "f*ck you" have the same number of letters... Ben Affleck set to direct Yankee wife swap movie The Trade. I'd go to this movie - maybe with my wife and another couple even.... I think of jetBlue as a NY based airline yet according to them they are the official airline of the Red Sox... Cool - Super Velcro... My friend insists that Shaun White is the lovechild of the kid from Mask and Cher. Now that he's said that I can't get that out of my mind...

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