Sunday, February 07, 2010

Linky Links

Some stuff I found interesting and thought I'd share:

- The blizzard fridge

- Tweet of the Day - from @JimGaffigan:
The Hummer limo is really the douche bag chariot.

- Behold the power of gravity!

- Idiot Cuts Electric Cord with Scissors

- Jimmy Johnson used to compete at the highest levels of college and pro football. Now he's competing with Smiling Bob "the big wood". This is both sad and funny at the same time.

- Tweet of the Day (Part 2) - from @BorowitzReport:
Rielle Hunter believes that someday she & John Edwards will "be together." She's right, if she means in Hell.

- Verlander deal makes Lester a steal. Kudos to the Red Sox for their forethought in signing Jon Lester when they did.

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