Friday, November 26, 2010

Interesting Player Comparison

This is a Player Comparison I've done before but I thought worthy of another look:

Player A - .324 BA/ 1270 R/ 333 HR/ 1239 RBI/ .979 OPS/ 137 OPS+
Player B - .305 BA/ 1583 R/ 317 HR/ 1595 RBI/ .857 OPS/ 135 OPS+

Just looking at the comparison makes you think that the players are fairly close in offensive skills. It should be noted that Player A has won 3 Gold Gloves while Player B won just one.

Have you figured it out? Player A is Todd Helton while Player B is George Brett.

Helton may be the most under-rated player of this generation. Many people credit his numbers to playing at Coors Field but consider this - Helton's career road OPS is higher (.873 to .857) than Brett's overall career OPS.

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