Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Randy Moss

Here's my take on the Randy Moss situation.

It seems to me that Randy Moss is very much like the spoiled - talented kid who switches from one high school to another in his senior year. The kid was just as talented and spoiled at the first school as at the second but the first school had all his friends from the past three years and it had adults who he respected enough not to completely go off his meds.

The kid had to switch schools and at first he was happy about it. But being insecure he had to build himself up by knocking other people (and catering services) down at this new school. His friends weren't there anymore to tell him to shut up. He starts pouting and saying publicly how much better his other school was and how the adults at the other school were so much better than the adults at his new school. The adults at his new school are just stupid (anyone with kids has heard things called "stupid" by unhappy children). Then the adults at the new school decide to suspend the kid.

Now the kid can't go back to his old school and his new school just kicked him out. Other schools don't have to take him in but some school eventually will because as petulant as the kid is - he is still very talented.

The adults at his first school are silently relieved to have him out of their hair and shake their heads at any school willing to put up with his crap.

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