Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Flotsam and Jetsam Brett Favre Edition

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

Brett Favre is not the most interesting man in the world no matter what ESPN says... Wow - the Phillies getting Cliff Lee was a move that nobody saw coming. I wonder if they try and move Joe Blanton and his remaining $17 million over two years contract to try and make the money just spent more livable for the organization. The irony is the Yankees would be the most likely suitor for Blanton... According to ESPN - people hang on every word from Brett Favre - even the prepositions... In case you haven't seen the Yogi Bear parody alternate ending... According to ESPN - Brett Favre once won connect four - in three moves.... It would be cool if his was how Santa delivered presents... According to ESPN - Sinatra considered Favre to be the chairman of the board... Maybe just as surprising as the Lee signing is the revelation that Mariano Rivera initiated contact with the Red Sox... According to ESPN - the blood of Brett Favre smells like cologne... With Brett Favre's consecutive starts streak over, here's a quiz on the other QBs of 1992... According to ESPN - Brett Favre was born in a log cabin which he had built with his own hands... Very cool - The longest zipline in North America... Speaking of ESPN - Tom Jackson is the guy with tons of seniority at your company who sucks at his job but nobody can get rid of

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