Thursday, December 23, 2010

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

Like a good neighbor State Farm is there - with some sexy feet (Rex Ryan after getting into an accident)... Robin Ventura had a 58 game hitting streak while in college. If you used ESPN's thinking in hyping UConn women's streak record you would think that Ventura somehow passed Joe DiMaggio's 56 game record in the big leagues... Very cool letter from Texas A and M coach Mike Sherman... The obscure but entertaining Beef O Bradys Bowl did a 2.0 rating while the uber hyped UConn women's record win did a 1.0 - twice as many people cared about two teams who weren't even in the top 25 than the record breaking UConn team yet President Obama didn't call Coach Strong after the game... Prediction - in 2011 the Hamburgler will finally be brought to Justice while Mayor McCheese will be ousted by a Tea Party candidate... I find it amusing that same people who slam Sarah Palin are also ones who pay to see crap like Little Fockers... Holy crap! Never realized that McNulty is Scrooge's nephew Fred in Patrick Stewart version of A Christmas Carol... My life just got a whole lot less productive now that I found that YouTube has most of the Barney Miller episodes online... The music video for Leather Hands "Vertical Lines" is genius - lousy song but music video is worth it.

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