Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Renaming Omaha to Obama

This petition for the Obama Administration to authorize construction of a Death Star by 2016 got me thinking.

The petition is completely tongue-in-cheek. Nobody really expects the authorization of a Death Star to be taken seriously. What if you had a petition that was so tongue-in-cheek that some people would be completely taken in by it?

Some people really love Barack Obama. According to some Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan were pikers in comparison to "the One".  What I'd suggest is a petition to rename Omaha, Nebraska to Obama, Nebraska. Stirring the pot I'd suggest that all it would take to properly honor this great President is losing an "H", adding a "B" and moving an "M". What's the big deal? Who could be against something so simple?

Some Democratic Congressmen and women would almost certainly be so enamored by the idea that they would introduce resolutions to Congress. The people of Nebraska - I'm guessing no so much enamored. And the more the people of Nebraska would dig in against the change the more the Obamafiles would push for its adoption.

Oh I wish I could make this happen.


  1. Contact Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA). He is the man for the job. A few years ago he seriously argued against stationing additional Marines on Guam out of fear the island would tip over. Even more outrageously, last week he argued that congress is not over compensated.

  2. Hank was a hero when he replaced Cynthia McKinney.

    Those were the choices that year.

    It was epic in retrospect