Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

Love learning new words. Some of these I knew but others I will try to add to my vocabulary... Saw The Hobbit on opening night. Three things you should know: 1. the book is being broken into two movies which is OK because Tolkein packed a lot of action into that book, 2. the movie is close to 3 hours long (go to the bathroom before the movie!) and 3. some changes were made from the book - how you view these changes will affect how you feel about the movie... O Chemistree, O Chemistree... If you replace the word "ham" with the word "condoms" then Green Eggs and Ham becomes a very strange gay cruising book... Here's a geeky question that bothers me - if you poked out one of Wolverine's eyes would it grow back?... Here's a geeky joke to go with that geeky question: Two chemists walk into a bar - the first orders H2O, the second orders H2O too. The second chemists dies... As a reminder Rex Ryan needs to win the last game of the season to equal Herm Edwards 4-year record with the Jets. If anyone out there still thinks Ryan should keep his job - let that stat sink in...

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