Friday, April 24, 2015

Rajon Rondo

As an optimistic Boston sports fan I used to view and argue that Rajon Rondo was a top 5 point guard in the NBA. So it saddens me to see how everything seems to be falling apart for him in Dallas.

It is so amusing that on Boston sports radio the very same guys who were arguing that Danny Ainge didn't get enough in trading Rondo to the Mavericks are now screeching that Ainge was lucky to get Jae Crowder, Brandon Wright plus a 2015 1st round pick and a 2016 2nd round pick. Heck it could even be argued now that Rondo for just Jae Crowder would have been win for the Celtics given how the 24-year old Crowder has fit in with Brad Stevens' team.

But what's next for Rondo? He's a 4-time All-Star who for his career has averaged 10.8 points and 8.3 assists. I'm also not feeling bad for a guy who has already made over $47 million in his NBA career but as a player who was integral to Boston winning the 2008 NBA Championship - I am still wishing him the very best.

That best probably no longer includes a "max" NBA contract. That best will now have to come from a diminishing number of teams as Rondo has burned bridges in 10% of the NBA's franchises. Boston won't have him back. Dallas is now a non-starter. And don't forget that Rondo said he'd never play for Miami (I'm sure Pat Riley hasn't forgotten that). But as they say - all it takes is one team.

I hope Rondo finds his "one" team. Godspeed Rajon.

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