Thursday, April 02, 2015

The Church of How God Made Us

Wanted to jot down a couple of thoughts on the Religious Freedom law recently passed in Indiana. First off I think the whole controversy over the pizza place is just made up and silly. No pizza place is going to take an order for say 10 large pepperoni and then ask, "OK before I fill this order - who will be eating these pizzas? No gay people I hope." No they would take the order and then ask for a delivery address. End of transaction.

I do kind of keep hoping that a lunch counter in Indiana run by religious African-Americans decides not to serve gays just to see what kind of moral quagmire results in the main stream media. Imagine a lunch counter run by an old black couple with a prominent picture of  President Obama right next to a sign that said, "No Gays Allowed". I'm an awful person but I think that would be awesome.

To further illustrate how my mind works differently, have to heard about how the new law will allow for the creation of a Church of Cannabis? If a church can be created for people who like to smoke weed - then why not a church for people who like to be naked? The Church of How God Made Us. How great would it be for nudists to demand service from pizza parlors or lunch counters too? And if refused service they could claim discrimination. If arrested they could claim their religious freedoms are being infringed upon. Imagine the argument that according to the bible we are made in God's image but these local intolerant laws force believers to cover up that fact! Please God - make it happen!

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