Friday, April 17, 2015

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

April 16th really should be a holiday in the New England states. The anniversary of Tom Brady being drafted by the Patriots and Bill Belichick's birthday. Easily could be a holiday...  If David Ortiz finished the season with 104 RBI - he will have passed Ernie Banks for 29th place on the All-Time RBI list... Climate science is a religion "belief is strong where evidence is weak"... Strange but true - Dan Uggla (who plays for the Nationals) is the highest paid player on the Braves payroll. Atlanta is paying Uggla $12.6 million not to play for them this season... Cool flying squirrel suit video... If David Ortiz finishes the season with 30 HR - he'll have 498 for his career. That would be good for 27th place on the All-Time list just ahead of Lou Gehrig and Fred McGriff... Donuts in space!!... Idea for smaller towns - vehicles that are half ambulance and half ice cream truck... Seven things you might not know about Calvin and Hobbes... Someone should republish the Encyclopedia Brown books but replace his sidekick Sally Kimball with Courtney Love... I'm hoping the Red Sox can trade some really good coupons for Cole Hamels... Vinnie Testeverde Private Eye would be a show I'd watch on TV... If I had a bar in Boston or Worcester this photo of Bob Cousy would definitely be hanging on the wall... You know fans at all the Colts road games will be holding up signs that say "GO FOR 9!"...

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