Wednesday, October 05, 2022

5 Years After Las Vegas Concert Shooting, an FBI Whistleblower Reveals Probable Motive

We've known the "what" for 5-years - that Stephen Paddock opened fire with an arsenal of weapons on an outdoor concert in Las Vegas killing 58 and wounding another  869 people. What we've never been told, and seemingly the media never dug into the story to find out, was "why?" What was the possible motive for the massacre?

Now an FBI whistleblower has come forth to say the evidence points to ISIS being behind the massacre (though the story buries that lede).

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack five times! I no longer know what to believe coming from the FBI but this answer to "why" seems to fit Occams' razor for the explanation. We owe it to the victims to learn the truth.

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