Saturday, August 19, 2006

Top 5 - Baseball Players from Indiana

Here are who I consider the top 5 players born in Indiana.

1. Mordecai Brown - Hall of Pitcher - "Three Finger" Brown one of the great nicknames in baseball history
2. Billy Herman - Hall of Fame 2nd baseman
3. Don Mattingly - beloved Yankee 1st baseman (One of my favorite baseball quotes is about Don Mattingly - Bill James once described Mattingly as "100% ballplayer, 0% bullshit".)
4. Gil Hodges - the beloved Brooklyn Dodger 1st baseman.
5. (tie) Max Carey - Hall of Fame Outfielder (tie) Edd Roush - Hall of Fame Centerfielder

Just missing the cut (I can't remember keeping this many Hall of Famers off the list but just because they are in the HoF doesn't mean they were the best)

- Sam Thompson - Hall of fame Outfielder
- Chuck Klein - Hall of Fame Outfielder - 1932 NL MVP
- Amos Rusie - Hall of Fame Pitcher
- Sam Rice - Hall of Fame Outfielder
- Tommy John - 288 wins and not in the Hall of Fame?
- Scott Rolen - may be a future Hall of Famer if he can stay healthy

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