Sunday, September 06, 2009

Richard Seymour

To be honest - I've had the feeling that Richard Seymour is not as great a player as his reputation suggests for a while now. Yes he's a very good player - maybe even a Pro-Bowl level player - but when given the chance to pick up a probable high 1st round pick from the Raiders then that trade has to be made. Especially when you factor in that Seymour was in his walk year and probably would have taken the money elsewhere in 2010.

I was shocked that Seymour was just 10th on the all-time Patriots sacks list. Tied with a guy named named Houston Antwine who I frankly had never heard of.

I'm not alone among Patriots fans who first were shocked by the news, then shocked by what they got in return and who finally justified the deal in our minds by thinking of Lawyer Milloy and Deion Branch. In Bill we trust.

I'm just waiting for Tom Jackson to say on ESPN that the team hates the coach because of this move.

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