Friday, February 12, 2010

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

Peter Gammons makes an excellent point about the Johnny Damon to the Braves rumors. If signing Johnny Damon blocks Jason Heywood in any way then it would be a deal that the Braves and their fans would regret. I still say that Damon winds up with the Tigers... Images of irony... Funny line from Jimmy Fallon who thinks that Tiger and Toyota should team up for a comeback with the slogan: “Tiger and Toyota, we swear we can stop”... I'm pretty sure it was Bill Simmons who brought the idea of "that guy" into popular culture. But it was this guy who came up with a reference chart... Sad but I have to agree with Kevin Nealon that 'The Who' should start calling themselves 'The Was'... Has Rock Band and Guitar Hero been replaced by people tending a fake farm on Facebook? That's what has happened in my household at least (disclaimer - I've never played Guitar Hero and I'm not on Facebook)... Jimmy Fallon is starting to grow on me. I've even come to terms with his bit part in Band of Brothers... I blame the dip in the stock market this week on all of the companies Peyton Manning does commercials for tanking after he threw that interception on Sunday... Now that Patrick Kennedy is not seeking re-election - I put the over / under on his next drunk driving arrest at six months...

Miscellaneous videos:

- Farmers Daughter- Awesome Double Meaning

- Tom Brady on the golf course at Pebble Beach

- How to clean your balls with Axe

- Idiot Cuts Electric Cord with Scissors

- Deep zoom into Mandelbrot set (the Thumb Print of God)

- I reacted pretty much the same way

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