Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Linky Links

Some stuff I found interesting and wanted to share.

- Eric McErlain supports the troops and thinks the IOC is a bunch of tossers. I agree with both positions.

- Weapon of Choice - one of the best music videos ever! Christopher Walken 2012!

- Bugs and Cranks have 4 things about baseball that gets under their skin. I'll agree with pitch counts and Hall of Fame voting.

- Central Fall RI to fire every high school teacher. To which I say - Good! The school is among the worst in the state with the current teachers - how worse can they be with a new crop or just rehiring the teachers who want to be there? The union overplayed their hand badly. I think we'll start to see more examples of this hubris on the part of the teachers unions and the taxpayers sick of footing the bill.

- T-Shirt Wars. Great Stop Motion Video

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