Friday, February 18, 2011

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

Fascinating - Rudy Guiliani's impact on Law & Order's conviction rate... Just saying but the Latin you took in high school to improve your SAT scores is much more useful in real life than the ballroom dancing your wife made you take after you were married... I agree 100% with Bruce Allen on the release of Bob Sanders by the Colts: "Can you imagine if Bill Belichick released a star player over Twitter, like the Colts did? The vitriol would be off the charts"... Life lessons from science - at the event horizon a negative particle gets sucked into a black hole while a positive particle escape. I'm going to do my best be a positive particle... Awkward ad... The Wisconsin teacher walkout could have the effect of more support across the country for school vouchers. Good!... I scream, you scream... Today would have been John Hughes' 61st birthday. Everyone knows his great hits but to me his Only the Lonely and She's Having a Baby remain both vastly under-rated and personal favorites... This does look like a good idea... Maybe people have blacked out any memory of him or maybe because he came and went so fast but Michael Smith from BYU should be on the list since he was the 13th pick in 1989 draft and he was actually publicized by some as the next Larry Bird - Top College Players Who Failed in NBA

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