Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

Just a reminder - just because Rep. Paul Ryan has decided not to run for President does not mean that he cannot be added to the Republican ticket as Vice President later on... Modern money - the ransoms paid to free King Richard the Lionheart would be worth a little over $2 billion in today's dollars (34 tons of gold)... This study about alcohol and memory may be wrong but why take chances?... I cannot believe that the NFL is still using pagers for official review. Is the guy in the booth doing the review via VCR as well?... "Brittunculi" was the derogatory term used by Romans to describe the locals in England as "nasty little Britons". I guess that could make "Americunculi" the modern equivalent in the USA... When JD Drew comes off the DL - what are the chances Josh Reddick comes down with a mystery ailment like a sore hammy?... On April 13th - the Baltimore Orioles were 6-3. That was the last time AJ Burnett beat an AL team with a winning record. One of the side benefits of AJ's suckitude is the fact that fans no longer have to watch his stupid after game shaving cream in the face antics. I wonder if his teammates told him to "f*ckoff" about that or whether he stopped it on his own ... The word "hemorrhagic" is perhaps the nastiest adjective of all. Precede any word with it and that word automatically becomes nasty. For example hemorrhagic pancakes, hemorrhagic nipples, etc... If you think of it - Lazarus could be considered the world's first zombie.

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