Sunday, October 07, 2018

UFC 229 and What Should Be Done

UFC 229 was one of the most entertaining fight cards the UFC has ever produced but the quality of the matches will forever be marred by the violence and near riot that broke out at the end of the McGregor-Khabib bout. The responsibility for these action lie completely with the Khabib camp and according to reports from Dana White the only reason there hasn't been arrests yet is because Conor McGregor declined to press charges.

Here's what I think should happen.

Dana White and the UFC should strip Khabib of his title and give him a 2-year ban from the UFC. The members of the Khabib camp that assaulted McGregor after the fight should be given lifetime bans from any future UFC event.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission should give Khabib a lifetime ban from ever fighting in Nevada again. And any other State commission should look critically at ever sanctioning any of his fights in the future. Buyer beware.

The Las Vegas police, despite Conor McGregor declining to press charges, should arrest Khabib and any of his camp involved for inciting to riot and any other charges they can come up with. They should also ask the UFC to hold Khabib's purse to pay for any damages that might have been incurred because of his camp's actions.

The State Department should consider revoking Khabib's passport. Permanently!

Khabib's acts should have repercussions and consequences.

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