Friday, January 18, 2013

Playing the Middle

One of my favorite sports bets is called playing the middle. And this Sunday's Patriots / Ravens game seems like a perfect time to do it. Here's how it works - playing the middle is actually 4 bets - in this case you would take:

Tease Patriots -8.5 with the over 51
Tease Patriots -8.5 with the under 51
Tease Ravens +8.5 with the over 51
Tease Ravens +8.5 with the under 51

A tease gives you six points so the Patriots would only have to win by 2.5 (less than a field goal), the over would become 45, the under would become 57 and the Ravens would be getting 14.5 points (more than 2 touchdowns). You are guaranteed to win at least one of the 4 bets so if you bet $100 on each bet the most you could lose is $200 but with the middle there's a very good chance you win all 4 bets and pocket $400.

So let it be written - so let it be done.

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