Friday, January 25, 2013

Then and Now

The world really has changed and sometimes its not for the better. That is the thought that has been stuck with me for about a week now. To illustrate why - let's take a look at a player comparison:

Player A - .331 BA / .417 OBP / .559 SLG / .976 OPS / 159 OPS+
Player B - .312 BA / .411 OBP / .585 SLG / .996 OPS / 154 OPS+

Both players seem pretty similar - right? How about the other numbers?

Player A - 3026 G / 3630 H / 1949 R / 475 HR / 1951 RBI
Player B - 2302 G / 2574 H / 1544 R / 555 HR / 1831 RBI

Player B was able to amass more HR and almost the same RBI production despite player more than 700 fewer games than Player A. I think that fact tells you very much about the days each player spent their careers. Very telling.

Player A is Stan "the Man" Musial who recently passed away. Player B is Manny Ramirez. I almost feel dirty for making this player comparison because as players Musial was on a very different plain than Manny. And as persons - the two weren't even in the same universe.

The comparison just stuck in my mind. And it made me sad for how some changes are not for the better.

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