Wednesday, January 02, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

I don't look at these as "resolutions" so much as addressing some of my "life leaks". People tend to keep their New Year's resolutions until they break them while fixing life leaks are items you know need improvement and you also know that every once and a while you will fall back to bad habits. (The term "leaks" is a poker terms and refers to flaws in your play or money management.)

1. No more Keno. I play Keno just as entertainment but I know it is a waste of money and I sick of losing that money to a state that squanders it.

2. No more drinking while by myself. And before you start thinking - wow I didn't know Chris was an alcoholic - what I'm referring to in specific is two situations I often find myself in. A: my gym (Worcester Fitness) has a very good bar and often after a workout I will stop in for a beer or two (and maybe 10 games of Keno). No reason for me not to switch to water or diet Coke in those situations. B: often I will go out for lunch or dinner by myself and order or a beer or two (or three or four). Also a situation where a switch to water or diet Coke would be easy. Do want to note that my love of beer is not diminished. I just want to drop a few pounds and this change should help.

3. Like Big Stupid Tommy - a book a week is also on my list. I will take it one step further and try to also do a review of that book here in this space as extra internal incentive to actually get it done.

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