Thursday, January 17, 2013

Two Things I Do Not Care About

I really don't care about Lance Armstrong and his baring of his soul to Oprah looking for redemption. I also really don't care about Manti Te'o and his imaginary girlfriend.

What Armstrong did in the Tour de France - drugs or no drugs - was incredible. But really who cares about the Tour de France? Does anyone think that Armstrong was the only cheater in those races? From most accounts it seems like Armstrong is a real jerkface in real life so why would I want to get emotionally involved with his story? The only thing I'm slightly curious about is whether he was taking steroids prior to his cancer diagnosis and if his taking steroids may have caused his cancer in the first place.

As far as Manti Te'o - caring about the girlfriends of college kids isn't borderline creepy - its creepy. So we are starting off at creepy - and we are getting worse from there. Either the kid was trusting and was completely duped or he has emotional issues and was involved in the hoax. Either way it doesn't end well. And if this story really doesn't end well - how good are you going to feel about yourself for laughing at all those Manti Te'o jokes? I already feel guilty for participating.

Because I don't care about these stories I will be avoiding sport talk radio for the next few days. Sunday and the Patriots victory over the Ravens can't come soon enough for me.


  1. I only care about the fake girlfriend story because we get three days off for a funeral, so we'd like to know if we can get paid for a fake funeral.

  2. I do admit that I would be curious if an invisible girlfriend would qualify someone to use the high occupancy lane on the high way.