Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Masters

I love The Masters. In my book the final round of The Masters is maybe second only to Super Bowl Sunday as far as sporting Sunday's are concerned. I've actually been to Augusta twice for practice rounds. All that said - I'm not a serious golf fan (or golfer for that matter). Here's a few random Masters thoughts for your Sunday morning:

1. I'm fine with Tiger getting a 2-stroke penalty and being allowed to continue to play. I think people who are indignant that he didn't get DQ'd should get over themselves.

2. You know that Tiger will finish second just 1 or 2 strokes behind. That seems predetermined doesn't it?

3. Sometimes I have the sense of humor of a 12-year old boy. Exhibit A: Every time an announcer says "Tiger has never come from behind" my mind screams "Oh yes he has!"

4. Exhibit B: I found this really funny.

5. As far as I'm concerned - Tiger isn't even the biggest controversy at the Masters. The change in pimento cheese sandwich recipe is a much bigger deal. If you've been to Augusta one of the first questions someone will ask is "Did you have the pimento cheese sandwich?" This is like New Coke!

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