Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Two of the best writers from the Boston area also have two of the best explanations of what Monday means to people for whom Patriot's Day has been an important part of our fabric of life.

Jackie MacMullan's take.

Charlie Pierce's take.

I flew out of Logan on Tuesday morning and though the mood was somber - the flights were on time and things were somewhat back to normal. Which is a good thing. Maybe being in an airport made me think this but I can't help but believe that just like post 9/11 the whole plane full of passengers would rush anyone trying to take over a plane - next year the security at the Boston Marathon will be fine because the onlookers will make it so. Next year God help anyone carrying heavy backpacks who hesitate to answer when half-drunk Sully and Murph ask "Hey - what's in the bag?"

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