Friday, May 10, 2013

The Herpes of Sports Reporting

Recently Green Day frontman Billy Joe Armstrong call Korean singer Psy the "herpes of music" "once you think he's gone he comes back." Armstrong took some heat for the comment but generally people thought it was amusing and agreed with him.

It got me thinking about who I would consider the "herpes of sports reporting". Here's my list:

1. Dan Shaughnessy - nobody makes me turn a radio or TV channel faster than Shagnasty. He faded into the woodwork somewhat after the Red Sox ruined his "Curse of the Bambino" cottage industry but recently he made himself as public as a cold sore on a wedding day with his basically accusing David Ortiz of using steroids. It should be recalled that before Ortiz even had a plate appearance for the Red Sox - Shaughnessy called him a "pile of you know what". I think the Curly Haired Boyfriend just has it out for people of color.

2. Skip Bayless - why is he famous? Why does ESPN stick with this douche? Does anyone like him? All serious questions.

3. Mike Lupica - get over yourself little man. You couldn't hold Dick Schaap's jock.

4. Stephen A Smith - aka Screaming A Smith. As annoying as this guy can be I do have to admit that at least occasionally he makes valid points.

5. Ron Borges - we get it. You hate Bill Belichick, don't find plagiarism to be a sin and are not afraid to fight men in wheelchairs. Probably a Boston thing but this guy is a dickhead.

Missing the list - Jay Marriotti who has proved himself to be more of a chlamydia in the word of sports transmitted diseases.


  1. Skip Bayless took over Bernie Lincicome's job with the Chicago Tribune and tried to emulate him. He didn't have the talent to be anything but a douche.

    Bernie Lincicome once described the second player in the Harold Baines trade as pocket lint.

    Bayless was always a joyless turd.

  2. It was Scott Fletcher he was referring to, I finally remembered.

  3. Honorable mention to Tony Kornheiser, who's been insufferable since his days at the Washington Post.

  4. If I'm upset later all I'll have to do to have laugh and calm down is to think of the Marriotti line. Not good enough to be in the herpes of sports reporting. He's just a second class std.