Saturday, May 04, 2013

Best Albums of the 70's?

I have a question mark in the title because I really don't agree with this list of the best albums of the 1970's. And I know the list is 9-years old but it is new to me.

During the 70's I was a kid. But aren't kids the most impressionable? I have to admit that I don't recognize half of the albums on the list. Maybe that's my ignorance but to have a list like this and not have something from Bruce Springsteen when he was at his peak tells me that maybe I'm not the ignorant one. No Bon Scott AC/DC? Highway to Hell is better than 90 percent of the albums on the list.

At number 1 on the list is Low from David Bowie. As I mentioned - I was an impressionable kid in the 70's but this album didn't make an impression on me. The only song I recognize is Sound and Vision - which is an OK song but it is no London Calling.

You can listen to the entire album Low here.


  1. Obviously compiled by people who weren't remotely alive in the 70s. Brian Eno? Nobody had heard of him except the 70s version of hipsters, who we didn't know existed either.

    Presence is better than ZOSO, and Physical Graffiti is better than Presence. Idiots.

  2. So many great albums weren't on the list. Didn't see any Springsteen, AC/DC, Alman Brothers, Skynyrd - how about Frampton Comes Alive? Or Cheap Trick? You never hear any songs from Bowie's Low being played anymore - how can that be the top album?