Saturday, June 22, 2013

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

Thank God the Patriots had the foresight to sign Tim Tebow as a back-up tight end... Guy writes his name as a penis on Jeopardy... Many people started off by comparing Barack Obama to Jimmy Carter. Then with all the scandals - it was vogue to compare him to Richard Nixon. I think when it is all said and done - historians will be comparing him to Warren Harding... Interesting - the abandoned island in the middle of NYC... Had a dream that I was in a group called The Slim Whitman Tribute Band but all we played were Primus covers. Yodeling Wynona's Big Brown Beaver was actually pretty cool on many levels... I understand this and am not saying it is wrong but its just that it doesn't seem right. The highest paid people on the Pentagon's budget are the three service academy football coaches... Jack Dempsey said the only man he ever ducked fighting when he was heavyweight champ was Ernest Hemingway. He didn't want to hurt him... Holy crap! John McAfee founder of McAfee software on how to uninstall his software...


  1. Chris, are you gonna do a post about the Hernandez um, Kerfuffle?

  2. Donald - honestly I haven't been following it that closely. I've been busy with life. Closer to home a girl I went to high school with was killed a week ago in a murder-suicide. Her daughter dances with my daughter.

    Hernandez is lucky Tebow signed, Doc Rivers tried to bolt to the Clippers and the Bruins are in the Stanley Cup final. So much to follow. People are just assuming he's a thug at this point Nobody is giving him the benefit of the doubt.