Thursday, June 13, 2013

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

I wonder if Barack Obama publicly supporting the Blackhawks will hurt Ed Markey in his bid for the Mass Senate seat among Bruins fans. I hope it does... Lost in the Tim Tebow hoopla was the fact that the story of him signing with the Patriots was broken by Ed Werder. Does that mean Werder is Belichick's "go to" reporter?... Speaking of Tebow - the Angels wanted to draft him... Obama to announce that he is changing the name of PRISM to SkyNet. What could go wrong?... Cool photo of a lightning strike in Chicago last night... I wonder how many Michael Angelo's there are in the phone book. Are phone books even a thing any more?... 36 made in Massachusetts summer beers... The more I do my own laundry - the more I find myself not wearing underwear...  Interesting read on "Incarcerated Bob". Bottom line - you are a fool if you pay for picks... The only silver lining about the NSA monitoring all calls story is the ability for parents to warn their children not to send nude pics because the government will put them on the Internet. Maybe that will do the trick. Sad reflection on our liberty but we've gone from telling children to be good because Santa is watching to adults thinking "holy crap - there really is someone watching to see if I'm naughty or nice"... Interesting stuff - 22 things you may not know about the Stanley Cup...

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  1. It's a sad commentary on the people of Massachusetts that it takes a sports issue to have even a remote chance of a Republican winning. When Scott Brown won didn't his opponent make a sports related faux pas?