Saturday, October 05, 2013

Boom Boom - Out Go the Lights

Was driving home the other night and scanning through the radio I came upon Pat Travers Boom Boom Out Go the Lights.

Always liked the song but I think this is the first time I ever really listened to the lyrics and realized he's talking about punching his girlfriend. Holy crap! And the crowd eats it up. Really was a eye opener. It also got me thinking about other songs about men hitting women.

Only Women Bleed - Alice Cooper

Better Man - Pearl Jam

Every Breath You Take - Police (maybe not about hitting but it is a serious stalker song some people use at weddings!)

Any others?


  1. I saw Pat Travers from the waist up in Springfield, along with Krokus and Richie Blackmore's Rainbow.

  2. My Wife by The Who is about potential spousal abuse, although certainly tongue-in-cheek.