Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Boston Sports

Since Y2K the Patriots have won 3 Super Bowls, the Red Sox have won 2 World Series, the Celtics won the NBA Championship, and the Bruins won the Stanley Cup. In addition since 2000 Boston College won 4 NCAA Hockey Championships and Boston University added another.

Every year Boston is host to the Boston Marathon and the Head of the Charles - two of the preeminent events in those sports in the world. Plus the Bean Pot college hockey tournament which is on the bucket list of events to attend of hockey fans everywhere.

The above doesn't even count this year's Red Sox team which is currently leading the World Series 3 games to 2 with the Series returning to Fenway Park.

I bring all this up because I can't stop thinking how blessed Boston sports fans have been. If there is any solace or hope for St Louis fans - since Y2K every major sports team in Boston except the Red Sox has also lost in the finals of their sport. If the Red Sox end up losing you won't hear me complain. The team has already delivered way more than any fan had a right to expect his season.

Besides - given all that has happened in recent Boston sports who would have any sympathy for us? When it comes to sports opulence - we has it.

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  1. What makes it so ... passionate and crazy I guess is the best way to put it... is that a Boston fan is being fed with the perfect reward psychology pattern... Our teams win just often enough to keep the happy button pressed, and then alternate between "oh god so close..." and "total abject failure".

    It's like vegas slot machine designers were controlling things for optimum fan acquisition, engagement, and retention.