Wednesday, November 20, 2013

ObamaCare and the Holidays

President Obama sent out a Tweet saying, "When your loved ones get together this holiday season, remember to talk to them about health insurance."

Can this Administration be so out of touch as to not realize that this conversation about health care is absolutely going to happen for millions of families who either had their policies cancelled or premiums greatly increased? What the Administration may not comprehend is that the conversation is going to be something like this, "Well we could afford the turkey and trimmings for Thanksgiving but just so everyone knows - because of Obamacare and our increased costs for health insurance there will be no gifts at Christmas. Thanks to Obama, Pelosi and Reid - we just can't afford it"

Maybe the "loved ones" can discuss that $2,500 you said Obamacare was going to save the average family while they are at it?

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