Monday, November 04, 2013

Who is in Charge?

The RNC has the above new video The Bystander in Chief. It does make you wonder. When Seal Team 6 was about to take down Osama bin Laden there was a famous photo of Obama in the situation room. Then it came out that he was so disengaged that he had to leave to play cards. The scary thing is the question "Who is in charge?" is now a legitimate issue.

I remember when George W Bush was President some people intimated that it was really VP Dick Cheney running things behind the scenes. Even with Obama so disengaged - NOBODY is suggesting it is actually VP Joe Biden pulling the strings. In fact Biden is the Where's Waldo of Vice Presidents. Who is in charge?

Some people are now coming around to the fact that Obama is a bad manager. My fear is that it will be revealed that it's not that he's a bad manager or disengaged  - its that he's a real life Chance the Gardner.

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  1. At least Chance was good at being a gardener.