Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Red Sox Offseason Moves - Position Players

Here's how I see the Red Sox roster for position players going forward for the 2014 season. Pretty long position-by-position breakdown so if you are interested - it continues after the break.

Catcher - I see three possible scenarios. First, Jarrod Saltalamacchia is a free agent but that doesn't mean Boston can't resign him. I think a 3-year $27 million offer would get the job done. That way Salty and David Ross can be reunited. The second scenario is the Red Sox signing free agent catcher Brian McCann. I don't see McCann signing with the Red Sox because Salty would be the better value but I do see the Red Sox being mentioned as a landing spot for him to drive up his signing price. The third option is David Ross and Ryan Lavarnway spitting the position. The Sox may not be sold on Lavarnway's ability to hit MLB pitchers yet but they have him under control for another 5-years. My guess is Salty is resigned.

First-base -  Mike Napoli is a free agent but I think he resigns for 2-years $26 million with a $13 million team option for 2016. If Napoli leaves then the Red Sox only have Mike Carp which is not sufficient. The Red Sox could go after free agent Corey Hart or they could deal Ryan Dempster or Jake Peavy for a first-baseman.

Second-base - Dustin Pedroia.

Shortstop - The Sox offered Stephen Drew a qualifying offer but the guess is he signs a multi-year deal elsewhere. That would mean Xander Bogaerts would become the everyday shortstop. If Drew came back for one year - Drew and Bogaerts would share the position with Xander also getting some time at third-base.

Third-base - Will Middlebrooks should be the Opening Day third-baseman but if Stephen Drew takes the one-year qualifying offer then he might be splitting time with Bogaerts. It is also possible Boston goes after a guy like Michael Young for flexibility at both first and third. Not a move I like but the front office seems to have a thing for Michael Young. Middlebrooks should be good for 20+ HR - give him the nod.

Left-field - Boston should bring back the 2013 platoon of Jonny Gomes and Daniel Nava.

Center-field - It is assumed that Jacoby Ellsbury leaving as a free agent is a done deal. The Red Sox are not about to give him a Carl Crawford-type deal. That leaves soon to be 24-year old Jackie Bradley Jr. as the heir apparent. If that doesn't work out then Shane Victorino could always move over from right with Daniel Nava taking over patrolling the Pesky Pole.

Right-field - Shane Victorino

DH - David Ortiz (I would like the Red Sox to at least extend his deal by another year maybe even two - he's earned it)

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