Thursday, April 24, 2014

Justified Season Five

It's been a couple of weeks since the final episode of Justified's fifth season and I just wanted to comment on what was by consensus the weakest season of a great show.

There were two main issues with this season. First Daryl Crowe Jr. and his clan just did not match up to the level of badassness of Bo Crowder, Mags Bennett or Robert Quarles from previous seasons. It's a given that those three represent three of the "best" heavies in modern TV drama history so it was a tough bar to match to begin with but Michael Rapaport never rose above a certain cartoonishness in my eyes. It was tough to root for or against him. I just didn't care that much.

The second issue was the storyline of Ava Crowder in jail. Once again - I just didn't care that much. Honestly I would have much preferred that most of her screen time instead be spent with Raylan indulging in his ice cream habit or random barroom singing acts (like season 3's Jack and Coke scene).

The good news is next season seems to be lined up pretty nicely with the final showdown of Raylan versus Boyd Cowder. Looking forward to it!


  1. That is my view and the overwhelming consensus as well

    1. You already said consensus. I am ashamed.

  2. It's all good.

    Stay frosty.