Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bill Simmons - A Modest Proposal

Here's a modest proposal for what Bill Simmons should do during his forced 3-week vacation from all things ESPN - he should go full Rainbow Head Guy (well not full, full Rainbow Head Guy since that would entail doing Angel dust and taking a hotel maid hostage). What I'm suggesting is that Simmons use the 3-weeks and his Platinum Visa card to go to as many televised sporting events as possible. Wear the Rainbow Head Guy wig to make it impossible to miss him in any crowd. Get the announcers to say, "Hey is that Bill Simmons?" How great would that be as a not so subtle middle finger to his suspension?  Go to a Saturday college football game, Derek Jeter's final game at Fenway Sunday, Monday Night Pats vs Chiefs, etc, etc. He could bring Cousin Sal with him and have a blast! He could wear a "Fire Goodell" T-shirt instead of John 3:16 - how great would that be?

ESPN couldn't even say anything! All Simmons would have to say is, "Hey I'm on vacation!"

So let it be written - so let it be done.

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