Thursday, September 25, 2014

Top 5 - Thoughts on Bill Simmons Being Suspended by ESPN

So Bill Simmons was suspended for 3 weeks by ESPN for calling Roger Goodell a liar. Here's 5 thoughts on the situation.

1. OK we get it - the Simmons suspension was longer than the 2 weeks the NFL first gave Ray Rice. Proving just how ridiculous this whole scenario has become. However, I thought if Simmons was to be deservedly suspended by ESPN for something NFL related it would have been for his lousy picks against the spread.
2. I'm not a conspiracy guy who thinks the NFL is behind this suspension. This is not good for the NFL. In fact it drags the issue out for at least another month (the 3 weeks Simmons is suspended and the week he gets back). The NFL wants this issue behind it - not dragged out (no pun intended).
3. Part of me feels sorry for ESPN. Simmons comes off as a bit of a petulant spoiled child testing the boundaries of how much the parent will take. The swearing on his podcast has become more frequent much like a child seeing how much he can get away with and now the "I dare someone to say something to me about this!" Petulant child whose punishment is to get paid for 3 weeks and not have to work. Really hard for me to work up any sympathy for Simmons on this.
4. We will know how serious this is if Cousin Sal doesn't do his NFL picks on SportsCenter. If the situation is a joke - Sal does them. If not then either ESPN says "OK Simmons we can't punish you so we'll punish your friends" or Sal thinks the punishment is so unfair he quits the ESPN segment in protest.
5. Roger Goodell is a liar. When will he be on the BS Report to air this all out? That's the ratings win that might be the endgame of this whole situation.


  1. 6. Who watches anything but games on ESPN?

  2. The dirty secret is ESPN just pays to have the games so people will tune into SportsCenter. That's their real money maker.

  3. They're not making anything from me, then,