Tuesday, December 06, 2016

The Buckler

There's Christian Rock but no Christian Wrestling - I say we change that.

This time of year I always think of the following Bible verse:

"As for God, His way is perfect: the word of the Lord is tried: He is a buckler to all those who trust in him" - Psalm 18:30

I got to thinking that "The Buckler" would be a great name for a Christian wrestler. I went out to to dinner once when this idea first hit me and there was a non-alcoholic beer on the menu called - you guessed it - Buckler. Vince McMahon has to make this happen.

Here's the idea - a Christian wrestler who only wrestles to spread the Gospel. He' gets sponsored by Heineken (they make Buckler beer) and the other wrestler's make fun of his religion in order to get him to lose his cool. Can't you picture Brock Lesner getting the Buckler in a choke hold and saying, "Where's your Moses now?" (like Dathan from The Ten Commandments). Goldberg could pile drive him and ask, "Your God, your God - why has he abandoned you?"

The Buckler in turn could come out with a signature surrender hold called "the crucifixion." The Buckler's entrance music could be some gospel standard or something by Creed. You hear "Onward Christian Soldiers" over the PA and McMahon says, "Is that the Buckler's music I hear?"

It would be controversial and that's what wrestling thrives on. This could be huge.

So let it be written - so let it be done.


  1. You've posted this before, as well as the Peanuts/Friends piece too...or am I going nuts?

  2. You you are correct. Even though I make ZERO money from this site - for some reason I feel compelled to try to have something up each day to share with the people who stop by. So sometimes I post things I've written in the past which I liked and thought some of the new people stopping here would like to see.

    You can often tell is something is from the past by the time it was posted. If it's automatic at 12:30 AM - it's most likely a rerun.

  3. I should also note that I find myself enjoying going back into the archive to reminisce every once and a while.