Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

Just saying but the cure to the common cold and the answer to who let the dogs out are the two most enduring mysteries of our age... The great Sally Jenkins on DeflateGate II... I can't wait for Donald trump to name the Iron Sheik ambassador to Iran. It will break the Internet... A reminder of what Goodell said about deflated balls... There's a niche available for a magazine covering cool stuff and technology now that Boing Boing has abandoned those subjects in favor of Trump Derangement Syndrome... Thanks Obama!... Joe Biden just raised his speaking fees by 200% by intimating he'd run for President in 2020... I'm calling it right now - Tony Romo is the starting QB for the Miami Dolphins next season...


  1. Romo could end up in Miami but I think they are warming up to Tannehill. Cleveland needs a quarterback but many are speculating that will be Garoppolo. Interesting thoughts all around. We will see.

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  3. If Moore performs as well as Tannehill then the bloom might be off that rose. Also keep in mind that Dolphins ownership love their stars and Romo and his celebrity dating history qualifies.

    Another thing to keep in minds Patriots QB depth chart is actually 3 deep. You have Brady, Garrapolo and Jacoby Brissett who was rushed back from IR to make sure he got the all potential practice and the experience this season. Having Brissett also makes Garrapolo more expendable.