Monday, December 26, 2016

Carlton Fisk

Carlton Fisk (who is celebrating a birthday today) was drafted by the Red Sox in 1967. He was the 4th choice overall. Who went ahead of Fisk?

1. Alec DiStaso P Cubs
2. Michael Flanagan P Yankees
3. Ken Singleton OF Mets
4. Carlton Fisk C Red Sox

Can you imagine if Fisk had been taken by the Yankees? Do you think the Cubs wish they had a do-over on this draft? Ken Singleton was good (3 All Star games) but he was certainly no Pudge Fisk.


  1. heh, I do this all the time. Ray Bourque is another one. taken..eigth? I think. on a traded pick, no less. ouch.


  2. Even on a do-over I think I still take Rob Ramage

  3. you joke, but I would take RR in a heartbeat. yes, I would take RB over him, and likely mike gartner and dale hunter :D

    one thing I look for in the draft lists is games played. a good proxy for a man doing his job. 900+ games? good draft. 200 games? mmmm 31 games? wasted pick


  4. I was joking about Ramage but in 1982 the Bruins took Gord Kluzak with the first overall pick and he only played 299 NHL games before his knees gave out. Even though you could argue any of the next 4 picks would have been better for Boston longer term - I would still take Kluzak who was my favorite player growing up. Kluzak was Zdano Chara before Chara was Chara if you know what I mean