Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Tremendous post on the darkness of depression faced by so many. They say that high blood pressure is the "silent killer" because many are unaware they have untreated hypertension. But these people are unaware. Just as many or more know fully well they are experiencing the pain of what Winston Churchill called his "black dog" moods of depression. But these folks for the most part suffer in silence. It is the friends and family that are unaware.

Unaware until tragically sometimes the sufferer takes their own life because the darkness becomes unbearable. Survivors are too often left to lament, "If only I knew".

Share the above link with friends. Also share this Ted Talk by Tim Ferris on his battle with depression.

At worst you're a temporary pest to friends sharing too much. At best these messages may help someone you are unaware of in pain. What's to lose?


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