Friday, November 03, 2017

Donna Brazile vs Hillary Clinton

Very interesting development yesterday as an excerpt of Donna Brazile's upcoming book caused a firestorm. Basically Brazile asserts Hillary Clinton and her campaign took over the Democratic Party long before the primaries even started. They used the promise of erasing Barack Obama's campaign debt to sideline him (and Joe Biden) and then turned the DNC into a fundraising machine as a way to funnel millions into the Clinton campaign coffers.

Think of it like this. Guy currently running waste management company runs up a big gambling debt. The mafia forgives the gambling debt in exchange for control over the waste management company. The guy running the company is retiring anyway and doesn't want that debt hanging over his head and the mafia wants a way to launder money. It was pretty much like that - except supposedly legal. The Bernie Bros must be - and should be pissed off today.

I say supposedly legal because this arrangement could be a big reason why the DNC refused to turn their email server over to the FBI after they claimed they were hacked. The DNC didn't want the fact they were being run by Hillary Clinton exposed any more than the mafia would want it publicly known that they were running a waste management company. My guess is Clinton Campaign also wasn't 100% sure what they were doing actually was legal.

Part of me thinks this scheme was reminiscent of Alexander Hamilton as Secretary of the Treasury having the Federal Government assume the Revolutionary War debts of the States in exchange for the States supporting the Federal Government. But then I remember that Hillary Clinton is much more like Uncle Junior than Alexander Hamilton.

All I know is that it is going to be very awkward if Donna Brazile and Hillary Clinton get booked to do book signings at the same Costco.

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