Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Patriots 2018

After the New England Patriots' performances in the past two games many people are discussing if this is the end of the dynasty. And you know what - it just might be getting close but not yet.

Two weeks ago Tom Brady looked old and slow in the 27-20 loss to the Dolphins. He looked like a 40-year old QB. This past week he once again looked like the GOAT version of Tom Brady (due in large part to having the GOAT tight end Rob Gronkowski to throw to). However, these past two weeks did not occur in a vacuum. They occurred while the handsome Jimmy Garoppolo was setting the NFL world on fire. That got many in New England wondering if they cut bait too soon.

Well barring the Patriots winning another Super Bowl this season and Tom Brady riding off in the sunset in a storybook finish to the best career any QB ever had - Tom Brady will be back next season as the QB for New England. The Pats really had no other option but to trade Jimmy G (and they did him a solid by trading him to the 49ers).

And if the Pats do win the Super Bowl this year and Brady retires is there anyone who would begrudge him that? Seems like a good problem to have to me.

What could really derail New England next season though is the high turnover in NFL head coaches. There should be about 9 job openings and both Josh McDaniels and Matt Patricia will be on the short list for just about all of those jobs. If the Patriots were to lose both their offense and defensive coordinators that could be a big problem. Is there anyone waiting in the wings to step up for those positions? We saw how badly that went when Dante Scarnecchia retired as offensive line coach for a year and the line just fell apart. Dave DeGuglielmo just didn't cut it in New England (though he seems to be doing fine in Miami).

Bill O'Brien would be in demand if Houston lets him go as HC. Would he be willing to take a step back and come home to New England as offensive coordinator? Doubtful but possible. A Romeo Crennel return if Matt Patricia takes a head coaching job? If O'Brien leaves Houston and Patricia leaves New England that has to be a considered a possibility.

In any case - it is not the QB that might derail the dynasty next season. It's the coaching staff fans should be worried about.

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