Saturday, December 23, 2017

The Post and Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep has a new movie called The Post and I predict it will be a huge flop. And I also predict that even though the movie was the product of director Steven Spielberg and co-stars Tom Hanks that Streep will be blamed for the movie's failure.

As far as I can tell The Post is just a vanity retelling of All the President's Men. The only reason to make this movie is pure ego. There is no more financial reason to do a remake than there was to remake Ben Hur (how did that go?). No matter how much the critics like the movie - there's just no reason for people to pay money to see this.

So the movie will flop. And Meryl Streep will be scapegoated even though the movie was doomed from the start.

Steven Spielberg should change his name to "Seven" Spielberg at this point because he's directed maybe 7 great movies and he's living off that reputation of his past greatness. And Tom Hanks name on a marque is no longer a guaranty of box office success either. But the blame will placed on Streep because of her past support of Harvey Weinstein. Because of her political support of people like Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. But mostly she will be blamed and mocked because that's the way Hollywood works.

Meryl Streep is guilty by association. But mostly she's guilty in the eyes of Hollywood because her last dozen movies really didn't make as much money as expected. She might as well go around saying "All right Mr DeMille I'm ready for my close-up" at this point. She all done. All that's left is the mocking. A sad end to a distinguished career.

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