Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Nikki Haley, Trump and the UN

Nikki Haley is making a list. And the Mossad is helping her to check it twice. I must say I'm disappointed in seeing Ireland on this list. You would think the fact that Ireland was neutral during World War II despite the horrors of the Nazi Party would make them more self aware of not being so anti-Semitic. But I guess not. Shame. Literal shame.

Taking shots at the UN is red meat for the Republican base and the Democrats better be aware that you can only diss Israel so many times until Jews in Blue States might stop voting for and donating to Democratic candidates. Gone are the days of Democratic giants like Daniel Patrick Moynihan (wonder what DPM would say about Ireland's vote).

I've long held the belief that the best way to purge the UN would be to have a referendum stating that any country that allows slavery is not welcome in the UN. The US and a number of other "free" countries could back the referendum with a threat to leave if the slave countries are not expelled.

Funny enough most of the countries that allow slavery also hate Israel. Go figure!

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