Thursday, November 07, 2019

Trump, the Democrats, Syria and Iran

Interesting article that claims that President Trump may have prevented a war with Iran by withdrawing our troops from Syria. This paragraph really got my attention (and my blood pressure up):

"People should remember that in the height of the Nixon Watergate Impeachment tumult during late 1973/early 1974 culminating in Nixon's resignation in August 1974, the North Vietnamese reneged on the Nixon Paris Peace Accords, and Saigon fell soon thereafter, in April 1975. G-d only knows what will happen because of Democrats' paralyzing of an American President while the world is in flames."

Now I hesitate to draw any comparisons between Trump and Nixon and I would also hesitate to use the description that "the world is in flames" but there's a special place in hell for those of either political party who claim to be acting on behalf of world peace or downtrodden folks in foreign lands when they are only acting in the interests of their own domestic political agenda. A special place in hell!

Do you remember the plight of the "boat people"?

Remember how eager the press was to hear from General Mattis prior to his recent book tour when they thought he was going to speak badly about President Trump? Remember how quickly they dropped any interest in him when they learned it was President Obama who was slammed in the new book?

Remember the 24/7 news cycle about how "Trump was abandoning the Kurds" and the predicted horrors that awaited those poor people? Can you remember any of those horrors coming to pass? And you know if they did come to pass it would have been an orgy of coverage. Instead we got fake news footage from a  Kentucky shooting range

Remember how Libya is now a failed nation-state because of the actions of President Obama and his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton? Slavery is now an accepted practice in what used to be Libya! Talk about horrors (horrors you won't learn about on the MSM).

I remember! And I hope you do too! A SPECIAL PLACE IN HELL!


  1. There's a reason that the media will be among the first up against the wall.

  2. Up against the wall is a little harsh. But the media only has any power because we give it to them. It's way passed time to take it back. All we have to do is stop watching and subscribing.

    Ignore them whenever possible.

  3. No, the real traitors go up against the wall. The media whores will be second only to our political elites. We can't stop watching and subscribing (yet) because the media is the only game in town, and they know that.

  4. The MSM is no longer the only game in town. That wall is crumbling. They've lost the trust of most people and that trust has a dollar amount attached to it. No ratings - no advertising dollars. The traditional media is in its last throes. I really believe that.

    None of my kids have cable, watch the news or subscriber to newspapers. The real battle today is for freedom of opinion on social media like Twitter and Facebook. That's where the future generations will get their "news".

    I use Twitter but not Facebook. And I'm careful how I use Twitter so that its not a life suck.