Friday, October 22, 2004

Sports and Politics

The world of sports may have an impact on the Presidential race in three key states.

In Ohio, the Bush campaign should feel the impact from three former athletes. Very popular former Cleveland Brown quarterback Bernie Kosar has come out publicly for Bush. Ditto in Cincinnati with NFL Hall of Famer Anthony Munoz who played his entire career with the Bengals. The extremely popular Governor of California, Arnold Swartzenegger will be campaigning in Columbus. Arnold runs a yearly body building contest in Columbus and is no stranger to the area (and please no side-tracking discussion on whether body building is a sport - it is much more a sport than golf).

In Missouri, Kerry could feel the backlash from "professing" to be a Red Sox fan (everyone in New England knows he's not a fan). If the Red Sox beat the Cardinals in the World Series (please God) - then voters in St. Louis may take out their frustration on Kerry (please God).

The same is true in New Jersey where frustrated Yankee fans may also lash out at Kerry just for being from Boston. This could be especially true among the coveted "undecided" voter because "undecided" voters and Yankee fans tend to fit the same profile (high school education, low IQ and uninterested in current events).

Let me take a moment to address Kerry as Red Sox fan. Kerry is a Red Sox fan the same way that the fictional Frazier Crane would be a fan of the Mariners if they made it to the World Series. And while I'm ranting - kudos to Red Sox ace Curt Schilling for his recent comment. In case you missed it - Schilling was asked if Alex Rodriguez trying to knock the ball out of Arroyo's glove was a "bush-league" move and Schilling responded "No - it's Kerry league."

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