Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Congrats to the Blues from a Bruins Fan

First off let me say congratulations to the St Louis Blues and all the Blues fans. It was a well earned game seven victory. A truly historic Stanley Cup playoffs run for a franchise that had never tasted the fruit of hoisting the Cup.

I could say I have no idea of the joy Blues fans are feeling right now but I do know that joy. It was the same joy Boston fans felt after the Patriots won an equally improbable championship in 2001. Ironically enough at the expense of the Saint Louis Rams. Poetic justice? I'm sure many in St. Louis would say yes.

Secondly let me say that I am writing this fresh off the loss. The game seven alcohol is still in my veins and the smell of the cigar I smoked watching the game is still seeped in my clothes and breath. I am raw but lucid.

People across the nation say that Boston fans were greedy wanting to have the championships of three major sports at the same time. But the players on the Bruins bench did not get Patriots championship rings this week. Most of them were also not here in 2011 when the Bruins last won the Cup. I feel for them.

Especially I feel for Tuukka Rask who remains in my opinion - nay in fact - the best goalie in Boston Bruins history. Also for Zdano Chara who has the heart and class twice that of any normal human yet remains wildly unappreciated by so many Bruins fans. Despite being the captain of that 2011 championship team.

Blues fans enjoy tonight. Call in sick tomorrow. Cancel all plans to attend your parade.

Enjoy this fully. You deserve it!

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