Thursday, July 29, 2010

600 vs. 3,000

Go ahead and hit the damn home run already! I think that sentiment applies to maybe 90% of baseball fans when it comes to Alex Rodriguez and his quest to hit his 600th home run. Sure some Yankee fans may be actually happy and looking forward to the blessed event but many, many more of us would rather not think of anything Alex Rodriguez related. And we are sick of the updates of the inevitable.

Part of this is due to A-Rod's admitted steroid use and part of it is due to the just the fact that Alex Rodriguez is not a likable human being.

On the flip side you have Derek Jeter who is 138 hits away from the magic 3,000. I think next season you will see a countdown for that event that fans will be genuinely interested in following. And not just Yankee fans.

Keep in mind that only 6 people have reached the 600 home run plateau while 37 people have 3,000 hits. Yet it the more frequently done accomplish that will catch the public's imagination. That speaks volumes about both Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter.

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