Friday, July 09, 2010


Count me among those underwhelmed by LeBron James and his move to the Miami Heat. The best laid plans of mice and Olympic basketball teammates often go awry. I don't think this farce will work out the way LeBron envisions it working out.

If one of the big three goes down with an injury for any length of time - do you think two superstars and a team of scrubs can compete? I don't.

Even if all three are playing together - on any given night a team with depth can run them ragged. Do you think all three can handle the grind of playing 48 minutes a game for an 82 game season? I don't.

I should note that in all honesty - I am pretty much a fair-weather NBA fan. I root for the Celtics but when they run cold - I don't bother watching them. So all this hoopla is nothing more than an amusing distraction to me. I just know that if given the opportunity of taking Miami or "the field" for the NBA championship next year - I'd bet big on the field.

It should also be noted that not since Air America defrauded the Boys and Girls Club has the non-profit been so abused by a media entity the way ESPN and LeBron James abused them last night. The kids were the equivalent of human shields. I was reminded of a Saddam Hussein video from 1990 but last night the role of Stuart Lockwood was played by the Boys and Girls Club of Greenwich.

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